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We shall give life to your most ambitious ideas by deploying pragmatic solutions based on your available resources and adapted to your organizational maturity.


You have to do more with less on your own? No budget to spend on external resources? Well we started the company in 2010 so the "no budget approach" is part of our DNA. That's why we measure the results we obtain and monetize them so you can value our contribution. You don't spend money with us, you wisely invest money for the future and collect the benefits.


Our collaboration is built on mutual trust. We offer the most flexible and pragmatic solutions, adapted to our customers specifics. 

Our goal is to build a long term partnership with our customers. We are proud to be consultants and we value our customers’ trust. Each consultant is unique such as our methods which are based on innovation and market Best Practices.


F2B has been created by passionate people willing to offer a new consulting experience based on 3 pillars : Added Value, Ethics and Human Capital.

These are the founding pillars of our company and, as such, govern all our actions both internally and at our customers.



Our Consultants are Experienced. Autonomous. Flexible. Committed. Team Player. Bright. Innovative. At your service.

Their expertise covers the whole company value and supply chains.


We have many contacts with market players of all sizes, from different horizons and origins but we do not partner with any of them in order to guarantee 100% independent advice for our customers.

  • Management Consulting founded in 2010 and 100% owned by founders with offices in Brussels and in London.

  • F2B is active at the tactical level. We specialize in AGILE change implementation at 3 levels:

    • Human: We  facilitate  personal change  and  support  people  in  their personal development (Soft  and Hard skills).

    • Operations: We  engineer  and streamline  processes,  we  adapt  Operating  Models  and  we  shape  the Organization.

    • Technology: We  improve  IT Efficiency and facilitate the transition to new standards.

  • We work cross-industries.

  • Together we give life to your most ambitious projects.

  • We implement pragmatic and innovative solutions suited to your organization’s maturity and needs.

  • We develop Value Propositions based on clients and market needs such as Cognitive LEAN, Taylor made Project Manager Assessment & Coaching, Package Selection and many more.

  • We offer Project and Resource based approaches.

  • We are at your service - for a 2 hours workshop, on demand support or long term projects. We will suit YOUR needs.

  • We are not afraid by challenging projects. On the contrary we thrive challenges.

  • Failure is not an option. We are committed to succeed not to try. Client satisfaction is our best reference.

  • We have nothing to hide - just ask for project references, client referrals or to meet our experts.

  • F2B imposes itself a normative ethics  that has  been  formalized  within  a  company charter  on  which  consultants  base  their professional behavior. 

The future of organizations is to constantly adapt to changes with a wise use of resources. To reach this goal, most companies focus on agile software development i.e. SCRUM. This has emerged in response to fast moving environments with a limited use of resources and partially defined requirements that may evolve regularly.


Today, even business models are not carved in stone and business transformation becomes the norm. The changing consumer, new technology, and emerging new competition invalidate long-term strategic visions at a rapid pace. And regular adaptations often lead to a sudden waste of resources during transformation phases. Doing only agile IT is not what makes your business agile.

Our clients require new ways to deliver their strategy efficiently and more rapidly than ever. Going agile requires new structures and new ways of managing the company. New Business models require adaptable processes, widespread usage of technology, with flexible organisations and new management methods that must co-exist with legacy structures.


We will assist you during your transformation by elliciting prioritary strategic business areas and deploying the right shift at the right time with an efficient use of your resources.



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