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You will find here open positions @F2B.

If you want to join an innovative consulting company with strong values, commited to succeed and client oriented do not hesitate to apply. For open positions or spontaneously.

Looking forward to meeting you.




We are currently looking for an (Junior) Process Engineer NL/FR with hands-on knowledge and proven track record.


Business and IT process modeling is the activity of representing processes of an enterprise, so that the current process may be analyzed or improved. The business objective is often to increase process speed or reduce cycle time; to increase quality; or to reduce costs, such as labor, materials, scrap, or capital costs. F2B Assists its clients in the documentation and optimization of their IT and operationnal processes.




Workshop Organization, attendance & Facillitation - Junior & Senior-

  • Organize and plan workshops to understand the current way of working of our clients

  • Attend the workshops and documents the outputs

  • Facilitate the workshop to obtain relevant information (Senior Only)


Process Modelling - Junior & Senior

  • Document existing processes based on process modeling governance

  • Make use of various modeling tools

  • Validate the processes modeled with relevant stakeholders (iterative process)


Process Optimization - Senior-

  • Optimize existing process using LEAN or any other relevant method

  • Create new processes and innovate





  • At least 1 year modelling processes

  • Familiar with at least 1 modeling tool (Vison, MEGA, ...)

  • Results orientation: not trying but accomplishing and delivering

  • No specific degree required, just an analytical mind, some autonomy and rigourous.



  • At least 7 years in Proces modeling and optimisation

  • Proven track record of process improvement in IT and/or Services and/or Industry

  • Knowledge of LEAN is a real PLUS

  • Autonomous and proactive

  • Refreshing spirit and willing to make good use of his/her brain to create innovative solutions!!!

  • Results orientation: not trying but accomplishing and delivering.


In short: you love processes and you want to grow as a process engineer. You like challenges and are solution minded. Please apply!





  • immediate start,

  • expected duration: 1 year

  • Location : Brussels and surroundings




Design, set-up and steer the off-line network management unit i.e. a business unit aiming at

  • Minimizing the risks linked to the works planned on the transportation network of the company

  • Maximizing technical transportation networks availabilities 

during its whole implementation and ramp-up phase (~12 months)





  • Act as SPOC of the company for the planning of the works performed on the technical networks of the infrastructure division :

  • Ensure and organize the receipt of intervention requests (visits, maintenance, works, investments) and their actual handling;

  • Develop a network of relationships internally as well as externally and closely cooperate with the stakeholders ;

  • Supervise risk analysis with stakeholders for each work request;

  • Position the off-line network management unit as an interface between external requestors (third-parties) and internal services in order to obtain the required authorizations for the work implementation further to the risk analysis (track access, cut, transportation)

  • Ensure and organize a daily communication of the intervention planning to the dispatching centers of the company

  • Represent the Management of Infrastructure within the large investment projects planning organs of the company and act as an advisor/moderator in order to finalize the here above mentioned projects taking the organizational constraints into account.

  • Ensure an optimal planning of the availability of technical networks managed by the Infrastructure division :

  • Act as the guarantor of adequate processes application for any stakeholder (requestors and staff);

  • Unite and promote a smooth cooperation between stakeholders;

  • Arbitrate and address incompatibilities between interventions;

  • Ensure the set-up of optimal work planning and organize their adequate communication;

  • Ensure and organize the timely delivery of work approvals;

  • Organize the control of proper adherence to (security) rules and processes during actual work execution


  • Ensure day-to-day team management :

  • Define business unit staffing in line with the needs;

  • Make optimal use of the team to answer the needs

  • Organize team roll-out and turn-over;

  • Ensure team homogeneity and staff attitude towards work requests in order to obtain the same actions for similar demands;

  • Produce assessments and organize debriefing sessions with the team members;

  • Identify training needs and ensure personal development of team members;

  • Promote communication and favor a sound team spirit with the business unit;

  • Be able to replace a team member in case of need, including during the night;

    Continuous improvement

  • Manage and organize the unit in terms of objectives, results assessment, quality management :

  • Establish a dashboard with KPI’s, fed it and communicate it

  • Report it internally (organize quarterly meetings)

  • Develop, adapt and maintain the unit working procedures and guidelines based on feedbacks and structural evolution of the company ;

  • Analyze incidents and dysfunctions in the request management and quality assurance/control processes in order to bring improvements :

  • Organize meetings with the safety working group;

  • Escalate major incidents and dysfunctions in order to address them together

  • Collaborate to the technical incidents analysis upon requests of other organs


Ressources and tools

  • Manage and organize trainings in order to ensure that any person intervening on the technical network knows the required procedure :

  • Define the needs and acquire the tools/ressources required by the business unit to fulfill its mission (IT, vehicles, …).


  • The selected candidate will manage a team of 6 employees during the implementation and ramp-up phase.  Headcount is expected to grow in the coming years as the business unit role is expected to extend to other divisions.

    Within its first scope, the number of planning requests should amount to around 100 interventions a day.

    Extension to other divisions will lead to an increase of the number of requests to be handled which will require some headcount adjustments.

  • Together with his/her team, he/she is in touch with around 100 stakeholders (internal and external) on whom he/she has an influence with regards to the planning and task execution (challenge and amendment of original requests).

    Reporting line

  • The selected candidate will directly report to the Head of Operations & Maintenance.

  • He/She will be in touch with the various entities of the Infrastructure division as well as with the other entities of the company ; more specifically with the dispatching center (around 100 stakeholders in total)

  • He/She will represent the Infrastructure Division within the external management organs linked to the large investment projects.





  • Own extensive organisational and planning skills;

  • Know (or be able to quickly learn on) technical networks managed by the infrastructure division;

  • Know (or be able to quickly learn on) regulatory requirements and internal safety procedures ;

  • Change management,



  • Steer, undertake actions and be proactive ;

  • Plan, organize, control ;

  • Analyze and decide ;

  • Listen, communicate and present in a clear and concise manner;

  • Persuade et influence ;

  • Be able to work as a team ;

  • Adapt to change and manage stress ;

  • Care for excellence et client satisfaction;

  • Result orientation ­;




  • Master in a technical domain (electricity, electromechanics, mechanics or structural engineering) with at least 5y experience in work coordination and project management.

  • Good command (both written and spoken) of French and Dutch;

  • Driving licence (B) ;


Feel ready for the challenge?  Please apply!

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