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Would you pay anyone just to try solving your problems? Never right? Well ... we neither.

That's why we do commit to deliver up to your expectations and succeed: we will deliver what is expected from us.

We  have  never  failed  a  client  nor  a  project. And we plan to keep it that way! We  get  paid  for tangible results,  not  for trying



F2B has been created in 2010 by 3 passionate entrepreneurs willing to offer a new consulting experience based on added value, ethical principles and commitment trough people and realistic solutions.


By the end of 2014, F2B had already delivered more than 65 different projects for more than 25 different clients from various industries.


Beginning of 2015 a subsidiary was created in the United Kingdom to serve local english clients.



F2B is managed by Olivier Dellicour, Administrateur Délégué. Loeiz Cadiou is our Delivery Manager, responsible for the quality of our services and deliverables. Michel Henin takes care of all people management aspects. Recruitment and support are in the hands of Ariane Cathelyns while Alexeï Soloviev focuses on the business development.


We are at your service so do not hesitate to contact us.


Founding Pillars

These 3 pillars are the foundations of our company governing all our actions both internally and at our customers.


1. Added Value


We are willing to provide you with more than "just" brains or bodies. That's why we continuously develop Value Propositions answering market needs and challenges. These Value Propositions are ready to be deployed, ready to add value to your company. 

Next to the Value Propositions, we also make sure that each of our consultants keeps adding value to your business. To do so, each of them is supported and challenged by our Back-office. Each consultant, each project has its own Back-Office made of Consultants with the same type or complimentary expertise. Together, they are stronger, smarter, more efficient, more agile and they bring extra added-value to your enterprise.


2. Ethics


We consider ethical values of prime importance when doing business. It might sound natural but it is not always the case in today's business environment. Each F2B employee complies with an internal code of conduct we have created to govern our interactions with the outside world.


3. People


We are proud to be consultants and feel honoured and responsible each time one of our customers ask us for help. We build long term relationships with our employees and our customers. Partnering is key. Sharing values and working together is of prime importance to us. 


F2B, 100% expert, 0% diva!


Of course, each of our consultants is unique but they will team to adress you most ambitious challenges and solve your trickiest issues. 



Our model is based on a strong collaboration, a real partnership which is built on commitment and results. We work together on implementing structural and lasting changes. We are enablers, we do facillitate the implementation of your vision.

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