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IDEAS Implementation - The HUMAN Factor


We facilitate personal change and support people in their personal development (Soft and Hard skills).


Challenging market conditions force companies to keep their costs low and their productivity high. To achieve such goals, the human capital is key. The work environment has evolved and so did the needs of your employees.


Consequences are that the market is demanding, work pressure is high, the “one life, one job” concept is obsolete, employee turnover is high, motivation fluctuates daily, commitment depends on the individual, teamwork is more and more complex especially in international environments, competition and politics take the lead over collaboration and company interests, absenteeism increases, stress is omnipresent…


Our “Human” service offering is supported by 2 Value Propositions:

People Excellence and Change Management.


People Excellence: To survive in this environment, your employees need to be supported. They need to understand their value for your company and their role in the value chain. Our approach will provide them with the right tools to evolve by themselves and to change at their own pace. With results that will benefit your company very quickly.

To download our  People Excellence flyer click here.


Change Management: Facing daily changes is not easy. And let's face it: people do not like to change. Our approach, based on ADKAR®, will provide them with the right tools to evolve by themselves and to change on their own and at their own pace. With results that will benefit your company very quickly.

Thanks to ADKAR we will also measure the progresses made.

To download our Change Management  flyer click here.


In order to respond to these challenges, we articulate our « HUMAN » services as follows:


  • Change Management: Facilitate people transition, teams or entire organization with measurable results.

  • Personal Development: Skills assessments, career path, coaching (human and technical skills).

  • Human Resource Management: Governance, address specific issues  (Generation Y) define corporate values ​​and make them live ...



Assessment and coaching of several Project Managers. Personalized approach to identify, in close collaboration with HR, the PMO and their respective Managers, their strengths and weaknesses. Roadmap and coaching adapted to each Project Manager. Individual and group coaching sessions.



Increase of Organisational effectiveness through developing a clear understanding of the knowledge and skills required to create a leading edge organizations. Understand key issues currently restricting effectiveness within the organisation. Identify opportunities to move forward at company/senior management and individual levels. Develop awareness of what shapes people’s behavior. Increase personal efficiency. Learn how to give constructive feedback.



Develop autonomy for employees and assist them in taking ownership of their operational duties. Teach Managers how to delegate tasks and trust their employees. Deployment of a mentoring approach to welcome and assist newcomers during their first months of work.



Train about 200 Managers and Directors to conduct meetings in an efficient way. Develop their “integrative” negotiation skills (based on the principles developed by Harvard Negotiation professor William Ury in his two books; "Getting to Yes" and "Getting past No"). Teach Managers how to use both their negotiations successes and failures to progress.


More references are available upon request


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