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IDEAS Implementation - The OPERATIONAL Aspect


We  engineer  and streamline  processes,  we  adapt  Operating  Models  and  we  shape  the Organization.


More than ever we are living in knowledge intensive economies where emancipated employees, partners and customers work together to produce and deliver the desired services. Real people are at the center of this challenging network of activities and this sets us the task of rejuvenating common process management methodologies which have their roots in the industrial past. F2B invests in developing refreshing process management approaches based on social and cognitive psychology which are utilized next to standard open source methodologies such as Lean & Six Sigma.


Most of the companies translate their strategy into a portfolio of projects used as a tactic to implement their vision. However, to be successful, the results of the projects (operational layer) and the portfolio (tactical layer) must be predictable and repeatable. And a “cockpit” providing the Senior Management with a clear view to monitor the results is needed.


Our “Operation” services are supported by 3 Value Propositions:

Cognitivix(TM), Project Excellence and Process Excellence.



Put simply, Cogniti vix™ ensures that employees  and  managers  do  the right  thing,  at  the right  time  and  without  wasteful  cognitive 

interruptions. To that end the work personal environment, the  personal work  processes,  the  organizational  structure,  the  use  of  technology and the personal work planning are optimized or redesigned.

To download our Cognitivix(TM) flyer click here.


Project Excellence: If your objective is to reach excellence in Project Management and increase predictability and repeatability of results, you are in the right hands. Let us help you implement state-of-the-art Project Management, Portfolio Management, Capacity Management and PMO approaches to deliver your strategy through projects. We also coach Project Managers as they are key to successful project management.

To download our Project Excellence flyer click here.


Process Excellence: In F2B’s vision, process management cuts through all enterprise levels. The art of process management is the art of knowing which process management initiatives to deploy successfully on the strategic, tactical or operational level, in line with the organization’s process management capabilities. F2B is as much concerned with individual process management projects as with the enterprise’s maturity to sustainably govern and manage continuous process improvement initiatives.

To download our Process Excellence flyer click here.


In order to respond to these challenges, we articulate our « OPERATIONS » services as follows:


  • Operational Excellence and Efficiency: increase productivity, reduce costs or combine both...

  • Operating and Organizational Model: quick-scan, design, optimization and implementation, Front / Middle / Back offices’ creation...

  • Requirements  Management:  quick-scan,  process  (re)-design,  Business  Requirements Office (BRO) creation and deployment, ... 

  • Project Management: project & program management, portfolio management, PMO, assessment and support to Project Manager…

  • Outsourcing/Off-shoring/Re-insourcing: business case, vendor assessment, tactical deployment, reintegration of outsourced activities…

  • Vendor Management: SLA/OLA definition and review, SLO/OLO definition and review, KPI definition and review, Service Level Management (SLM)…



Creation and design of a new operating model for a Contact Center. Facilitate the definition of a new vision to create an “Interaction Center” encompassing all channels used to interact with clients. Minimize costs while looking for ways to generate revenues through centralized interactions with prospects. Implementation of the new model with an impact on several departments both on the IT and Business sides of the company.



Process Audit and Certification Process audit, redesign and Lean improvement, including implementation of new ICT requirements, in order to obtain ISAE3402 certification.



Project Management Setup of the Sourcing Strategy and of the Program Governance. The purpose of the project was to implement a new PC Banking for the high-end Retail Customers (multi-users) and low-end Corporate Customers (mono-banking) featuring ISABEL security and allowing upload and download of large volumes of payments (bulks / extracts). Implementation of SEPA Bulk Payments, SEPA Direct Debit (Creditor and Debtor sides), CODA Downloads.



Act as PMO for a Program made of 11 Projects. The PMO gave support to the Program Manager by consolidating the projects progress data, reporting those data to the Steering Committee, suggesting smart and intelligible reporting KPI's, proposing pragmatic governance and supporting the Project Managers during his daily tasks.


More references are available upon request

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