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La Fondation d’utilité publique Prince Laurent vient en aide aux personnes précarisées en leur offrant des soins vétérinaires gratuits pour leur animal de compagnie. Elle soigne plus de 12.000 animaux par an dans ses cinq dispensaires de Belgique. La Fondation exerce ainsi un rôle social important, puisque bien souvent l’animal est le seul lien qui rattache son maître à la vie et à la société.



Philanthropic and non governemental organizations dedicate their time and energy supporting fair causes. We at F2B wanted in turn to assist them as they assist others.


In this context we have chosen to help the "Fondation Prince Laurent - Stichting Prins Laurent" which aims at providing free veterinary care in five clinics in Belgium, playing a social role through animal welfare. We support them at different levels ranging from strategy definition to costs control through process streamlining and operational excellence.

We have built with them a real partnership based on ethical values, mutual trust and a common view on how to serve human and social goals.


Please join us in helping them by making a donation to their cause:

IBAN: BE03 3101 4773 0884



To know more about the Foundation please visit their website at

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